Clinics and Workshops

Do you wish to travel to Cuba for the purpose of participating in a clinic or workshop? Then you can apply for a license.

Organizations or individuals may request licenses provided that:

  • The event is open for attendance, and in relevant situations participation, by the Cuban public

  • All U.S. profits after costs are donated to an independent nongovernmental organization in Cuba or a U.S.-based charity, with the objective, to the extent possible, of promoting people-to-people contacts or otherwise benefiting the Cuban people

  • The clinics or workshops in Cuba are organized and run, at least in part, by the licensee

To understand more about how to apply for a license, visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Two companies operate convenient flights from Tampa to Cuba. For more information visit ABC Charters and Cuba Travel Services .


Las políticas y procedimientos relacionados con Cuba están sujetos a cambios. Asegúrese de consultar constantemente los requisitos de viaje con anticipación a su fecha de viaje. Es responsabilidad del viajero garantizar que todos los documentos y requisitos necesarios estén de acuerdo con las políticas de EE.UU.