Is there a conference in Cuba that you would like to attend? Are you a full-time professional whose travel to Cuba would be directly related to attendance at this professional meeting and/or conference? Is the conference organized by an international professional organization, institution, or association that sponsors such meetings or conferences in other countries?  If so, you may qualify for licensing process. You can check your qualifications in these guidelines.

However, organizations, institutions, or associations headquartered in the United States may not sponsor such a meeting or conference unless it has been specifically licensed.

The purpose of the meeting or conference cannot promote tourism in Cuba or other commercial activities involving Cuba, or foster production of any bio-technological products. You can find more information about those restrictions here.

Two companies operate convenient flights from Tampa to Cuba. For more information visit ABC Charters and Cuba Travel Services .


Las políticas y procedimientos relacionados con Cuba están sujetos a cambios. Asegúrese de consultar constantemente los requisitos de viaje con anticipación a su fecha de viaje. Es responsabilidad del viajero garantizar que todos los documentos y requisitos necesarios estén de acuerdo con las políticas de EE.UU.