Entertainment and Sports

Are you an entertainer, athlete, or other competitor who wishes to travel to Cuba for a competition or exhibition? Are you an amateur or semi-professional athlete or team traveling to Cuba for an athletic competition? You can apply for a license as long as the event you wish to attend will be open for attendance, and in relevant situations, participation by the Cuban public. All profits that you or the team make must be donated to an independent nongovernmental organization in Cuba or a U.S.-based charity with an objective, to the extent possible, of helping the Cuban people.

Two companies operate convenient flights from Tampa to Cuba. For more information visit ABC Charters and Cuba Travel Services .


Las políticas y procedimientos relacionados con Cuba están sujetos a cambios. Asegúrese de consultar constantemente los requisitos de viaje con anticipación a su fecha de viaje. Es responsabilidad del viajero garantizar que todos los documentos y requisitos necesarios estén de acuerdo con las políticas de EE.UU.