Do you have family in Cuba? Family is defined as any individual related to a person by blood, marriage, or adoptions that is no more than three generations removed from that person or from a common ancestor with that person.

If this definition applies to the purpose of your trip, check that you have the qualifications in these guidelines and then proceed with the licensing process.

To visit family in Cuba that are authorized to be in Cuba, but are not nationals of Cuba or a third country national, you need to apply for a license from OFAC.

Two companies operate convenient flights from Tampa to Cuba. For more information visit ABC Charters and Cuba Travel Services .


Las políticas y procedimientos relacionados con Cuba están sujetos a cambios. Asegúrese de consultar constantemente los requisitos de viaje con anticipación a su fecha de viaje. Es responsabilidad del viajero garantizar que todos los documentos y requisitos necesarios estén de acuerdo con las políticas de EE.UU.