Religious / Humanitarian

Are you a member or staff of a religious organization, who wishes to travel to Cuba for the purpose of participating and engaging in religious activities? All members and staff of a U.S. religious organization may travel to Cuba on a license as authorized by section 515.566 (a) of the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) Cuba Assets Control Regulations. The license authorizes members and staff of a U.S. religious organization to travel to Cuba for a full-time program of religious activities.

If you qualify to travel on a license for religious organizations, you do not need to seek permission from OFAC. However, it is a requirement of the license that you carry a letter on official letterhead, signed by a designated representative of the sponsoring U.S. religious organization, confirming that you are a member or staff of the organization and are traveling under the auspices of the organization to engage in religious activities in Cuba.

You can learn more about how to qualify for the licensing process with these guidelines.

You may qualify for a license issued by OFAC to religious organizations for travel related to religious activities that are not authorized by the new license. If you plan to make multiple trips over an extended period of time with plans to engage in a full-time program of religious activities in Cuba, you may qualify.

Religious travelers to Cuba should be aware that Cuban officials require specific authorization to travel to Cuba for religious purposes. This guide has some useful things to consider.

Are you planning travel to Cuba in connection with activities that provide support for the Cuban people, such as activities of recognized human rights organizations? Is your travel directly related to certain humanitarian projects in or related to Cuba that are designed to directly benefit the Cuban people? There are licenses authorizing transactions for multiple trips over an extended period of time. You can check your qualifications in these guidelines.

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Policy and procedures regarding Cuba are subject to change. Make sure you are constantly monitoring travel requirements leading up to your travel date. It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary documentation and requirements are in accordance with U.S. policies.