University Students and Faculty

Are you a student or a member of the faculty and/or staff of an accredited U.S. graduate and undergraduate degree granting institution? Then you may participate in academic activities in Cuba if your U.S. academic institution sponsors such a program and if your study program will be accepted as credit towards your degree.  If you are a student that meets these criteria, check that you have the qualifications in these guidelines and then proceed with the licensing process.

If you are a member of faculty wishing to teach at a Cuban academic institution and you are regularly employed as a teacher at the sponsoring U.S. academic institution and provided that your teaching activities are related to an academic program at the Cuban institution and that your teaching will be no shorter than 10 weeks, you probably qualify for licensing process. You can check your qualifications in these guidelines.

You must apply for a license to authorize travel to certain educational activities of certain types. If your academic institution has a Cuba program, it has probably already applied and received a license. Check to ensure that a license has been issued with your program director.

Two companies operate convenient flights from Tampa to Cuba. For more information visit ABC Charters and Cuba Travel Services .


Policy and procedures regarding Cuba are subject to change. Make sure you are constantly monitoring travel requirements leading up to your travel date. It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary documentation and requirements are in accordance with U.S. policies.